Google Sheets for Confluence – User Guide

Google Sheets for Confluence allows you to easily embed Google Sheets files into your Confluence page.

How to embed your Google Form into a Confluence page

Auto mode

  1. Copy the public URL address of your Google Sheets file

  2. Paste it into your Confluence editor

  3. (Optional) Edit the viewer settings

Manual mode

  1. Copy the URL address of your Google Sheets file

  2. Open the Google Sheets macro in Confluence typing /sheets

  3. Paste the URL of the file into the corresponding section

  4. (Optional) Edit the viewer settings


The recommended minimum width is 1350 px. You should set your Confluence page to full width since fixed width is 760px.

If you click on the Google Sheets icon in the embedded viewer, the application may crash. Please refresh your browser page if this occurs. We are aware of this issue but since it is caused by a limitation of the Google platform it can’t be fixed at the moment.

Advanced options

When embedding a Google Sheets spreadsheet in Publish mode, you can select additional options.

Widget: makes the sheets tab navigator visible at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Headers: makes the row numbers and column letter headers visible.

Chrome: makes the spreadsheets title and footer visible.