Context for Confluence – User Guide

Context for Confluence makes writing documents easier. Context helps you choose the most appropriate terms that fit in beautifully with your text while remaining in your Confluence environment. Stop wasting time hopping in and out of your Confluence page. The right words are only one click away.



  • Check meaning, different senses and alternative terms;

  • Find the terms that form natural associations with your words;

  • Quick and easy to use;

  • Conveniently paste your terms to your page.


How to use

To open Context, type “/context”

To retrieve alternatives, type in a term of your choice and check the tab ‘Gloss’. You can scroll down the window and check out the different nuances of meaning.

To retrieve collocations (i.e. words that habitually go together), select the tab ‘Collocations’.

Inspect the combinations that are provided and choose the most compatible.

If a term is used both as a verb and a noun (e.g. “I swim daily” vs. “I like a good swim”), make sure to select the right part of speech by checking the specific label.