Atlassian apps - Demo page


Feel free to browse around and try our apps!

Just digit “/” and use one of our macros for Confluence.


Curious about these neat scalable, customizable icons around? It’s just Icons for Confluence!

Digit “/icon” and try it yourself!



Lottiefiles for Confluence


Lottiefiles for Confluence allows you to attach Lottie animations into your Confluence page.

Lottie animations are the smartest way to deliver smooth, clean and customizable animations.

Try scaling the animations in edit mode!

Retrieve a new animation to customize from scratch in (you will need a free account) and copy-paste the Lottie animation URL anywhere in this page!



Instagram for Confluence


Attach Instagram posts into Confluence with Instagram for Confluence!

As you can see, it integrates seamlessly with your Confluence layout.

It’s the perfect way to enrich your Confluence pages for your customers or monitor your marketing results directly into Confluence.

Pick an Instagram post and copy-paste the link anywhere in this page!



Microsoft Power BI for Confluence

Microsoft Power BI for Confluence allows you to embed Power BI reports into your Confluence page seamlessly and conveniently.

You can adjust the viewer dimensions and settings to visualize data as they are intended.

This way, your viewers get interactive reports inside Confluence.

Retrieve the link of the Power BI report you want to embed, then copy-paste it anywhere in this page or open the Power BI macro.


If you want your viewers to access the report without the need to log into a properly licensed Microsoft account, the report must be public.

Otherwise, users will be required to log into an account that has permissions to access that specific report.

The report link must be in this format: