Lottiefiles for Jira – User Guide

Lottiefiles for Jira allows you to easily embed Lottie animations from Lottiefiles.com into Jira.

✨ Features

  • Copy-paste Lottiefiles URLs directly into Jira issues

  • Attach as many animations as you want

  • Instant Lottie animation preview


⚡How to use

  1. Copy the Lottiefiles URL link of the Lottie animation

  2. Open a Jira issue and click the “Add animation” button

  3. Paste the Lottiefiles URL into the corresponding section

  4. Click “Add”


Please note that the app may not work properly if cookies are disabled or blocked by your browser.

  • Go to Lottiefiles.com

  • Log in - or sign up if you don’t have an account yet, it’s free

  • Look for the animation you need - there is a free section in the 'Discovery' tab

  • Customize the animation if you need to

  • Copy the 'Lottie Animation URL'