Icons for Confluence - User Guide

Make your texts effective and easier to read with icons. Icons can replace a long descriptive list of words and turn your pages from plain to memorable. Adding icons helps you structure and organize your content by creating convenient visual anchors. Icons work their best when they are consistent, familiar and recognizable and this is what Icons for Confluence gives you.



  • +500 and counting (we periodically release new packages)

  • consistent, familiar and recognizable icons

  • choose from a range of different sizes, shapes, and countless colours

  • the quality of our vector icons remains the same no matter how big you want your icons to be

  • easily find your icons by category

  • quick add in 2 clicks


How to use

  1. To open Icons, type “/icon” and click on the macro.


2. Navigate throgh the categories and select the icon you want to insert into your document.


3. Edit the shape, fill, size and color of the icon using the corrisponding controllers at the bottom of the panel.


4. Click "Insert" when ready.