How to retrieve Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Docs embed URLs

  1. In your Google document, click on Share in the upper right corner of the screen.


  2. Set your desired access options, then click on Copy.

Embedding Google documents with restricted access

Viewing Google documents with organization or restricted access requires an authorized Google account and consequently, the ability to log into such account.

However, Google’s support to external authentication is currently limited.

If a user tries to view a restricted document through an embedder app and they’re NOT logged into any Google account, Google’s login screen won’t show up and instead a generic error will be displayed.

To fix this:

  • open a separate tab and access any Google product

  • log into your Google account

  • go back to Jira/Confluence or and refresh the page

Once you are logged in, it will also apply to other Google Workspace embedders you use.

Aggressive cookie-blocking systems (like the default options in Brave browser) will prevent the embedder app to keep your authentication. Disable them in order to correctly log into your Google account. Deleting cookies will cancel your authentication.

  1. In Google Sheets and Google Docs, click on File > Share > Publish to web.


  2. If not published, set your desired publishing settings and click on Publish.


  3. Copy the displayed URL in the Link tab.