Lottiefiles for Jira – User Guide

Lottiefiles for Jira allows you to easily embed Lottie animations from Lottiefiles.com into Jira.

✨ Features

  • Copy-paste Lottiefiles URLs directly into Jira issues

  • Attach as many animations as you want

  • Instant Lottie animation preview


⚡How to use

  1. Copy the Lottiefiles URL link of the Lottie animation

  2. Open a Jira issue and click the “Add animation” button

  3. Paste the Lottiefiles URL into the corresponding section

  4. Click “Add”

  • Go to Lottiefiles.com

  • Log in - or sign up if you don’t have an account yet, it’s free

  • Look for the animation you need - there is a free section in the 'Discovery' tab

  • Customize the animation if you need to

  • Copy the 'Lottie Animation URL'