Google Forms for Confluence – User Guide

Google Forms for Confluence allows you to easily embed Google Forms into your Confluence page in one click.

✨ Features

  • Embed Google Forms into Confluence by copy-pasting the URL

  • Easily customise the forms' size

  • Instant form preview


⚡ How to use

Auto mode:

  1. Copy the public URL address of your Google Forms

  2. Paste it into your Confluence editor

  3. (Optional) Edit the viewer settings


Manual mode:

  1. Copy the public URL address of your Google Forms

  2. Open the Google Forms macro in Confluence

  3. Paste the URL of the form into the corresponding section

  4. (Optional) Edit the viewer settings



If want to paste the link without embedding the form, just paste the URL followed by the undo command (Ctrl+Z or Cmd+Z).

The lowest resolution to visualise the form is 320x320 px.

The forms must be publicly accessible to be embedded correctly


Retrieve the form URL

You can get the URL of your Google Forms by clicking on “Send”, then on the icon “Link”.


Alternatively, if you are navigating the form as a viewer, you can copy the address displayed in your web browser’s address bar.

If you are copying the URL from the address bar, make sure that you are NOT in edit mode, otherwise the form will not be embedded correctly.